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magmas synonyms, magmas pronunciation, magmas translation, English dictionary definition of magmas. n. pl. mag·ma·ta or mag·mas 1.

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magma 1. s. m. GEOLOGÍA Mezcla espesa y viscosa de sustancias minerales u orgánicas.

(noun) magma meaning: 1. hot liquid rock found just below the surface of the earth 2. hot liquid rock found just below….

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2 : a thin pasty suspension (as of a precipitate in water) 3 : molten rock material within the earth from which igneous rock results by cooling.
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a pungent, pasty, and gooey substance that forms in the foreskin of a penis.

by Jeff.Bedia July 10, 2008. Get a Magmatic mug for your papa Callisto.
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Chemistry, Pharmacology. a paste composed of solid and liquid matter. n. pl. mag·ma·ta (-mä′tə) or mag·mas. 1.